Bexl Capital is a fast growing blockchain technology based start-up whose focus is on exploring all the profitable possibilities the Blockchain and digital asset space has to offer. We aim to expose people and businesses to the various innovations within the blockchain and digital asset space and assist them in maximizing all the benefits the space has to offer across various industries.

The world is changing. The Blockchain technology and the crazy brilliant innovations emerging in the digital asset space is disrupting many of the worlds existing industries and operational systems.

team laughing together
team laughing together

At Bexl Capital, we believe this technology can be used for good and to create real positive impact. Our goal is to expose people and businesses to these various innovations and partner with them to exploit the blockchain innovations for growth in their various industries.

At the core of BEXL lies its research and unparalleled curiosity in understanding all that the blockchain space has to offer, exploring and exploiting all the profitable segments of the various innovations.

Bexl Capitaloffers a range of services such as Gaming, Non-Custodial Digital Asset management, NFT creation, collection and collaborations, Blockchain and Digital asset consultation and other blockchain related services to clients, partners and our community at large to aid in digital transformation, personal and business growth.


Mission, Vision & Culture


Our vision is to improve the literacy of our partners and the people around as it relates to the Blockchain technology and digital assets by exposing them to new concepts and ideas that are money makers. We aim to contribute to a world where the blockchain technology is exploited for good and utilised in making lives better.


Our mission is to explore and leverage all the profitable possibilities in the blockchain and digital asset space to make life better for the people around us. Our people are devoted to conducting in-depth researching within the space and leveraging the knowledge in creating systems that properly utilize this technology in improving lives.


The Team culture emphasizes integrity, honesty, transparency, kindness, inclusiveness, thoroughness, hard work, creativity and tenacity. We treat others not necessarily how they would treat us, but “how we would like to be treated”. In addition, the team’s culture is based on a commitment to a collegial environment, global teamwork and the highest ethical standard.



No. 46, Alaafin Avenue, Zion House, Oluyole Industrial estate, Ibadan.



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