What Bexl is about...

At Bexl we are passionate about ensuring that our people love what they do. We believe that to be a key factor for them being creatively and effortlessly efficient at whatever they do.

We value passion, unconventional thinking, creativity, hard work, dedication and discipline.

Talent, Creation & Development

Talent is not always inborn. We believe that with passion, motivation, patience and practice, it can be duly cultivated. We place great importance and invest heavily in developing the inborn or cultivated talent of our people by offering opportunities that allow for purposeful growth and career advancement. This approach allows our people to develop their capabilities in a more focused and clear manner, and be recognized for their contributions clearly and timely through our ranking system.

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Work Environment

Our Office

Bexl Capital's office space is strategically located at the busy environ of Oluyole, Ibadan. It is an open plan office layout that allows for all employees to collaborate and be effectively creative in doing what they love.

super mario run video game
super mario run video game

Work Culture

We recognize that beliefs, ideas, experiences and background of others are as important as our own. Accordingly, We offer an equal, transparent and non-discriminatory working environment, and fully respect employees of different genders, nationalities, races, and religious beliefs.

We do not tolerate harassment or offensive conduct in the workplace. We strictly abide by relevant state regulations, safeguard the wellbeing of our people, and maintain an equal and harmonious multi-cultural working environment.


Our Activities

Annual Bexl team meeting

At the beginning of every year, Bexl holds its annual general team meeting accompanied by Bexl's own new year/welcome back party. The Goal is to review the success of the previous year, the plans for the coming year, updates and to appreciate outstanding performances in the Bexl Family.

Quarterly get together/team bonding

As a way to promote work-life balance and increase team spirit, we organise a get together every quarter where team members from the different divisions of Bexl Capital come together and interact with one another. Educative and interactive games are included.

Milestone Dinners

Whenever any team in any department in BEXL achieves a milestone, the management on behalf of the entire Bexl family organises a milestone dinner to celebrate the team and the progress of BEXL capital.

Cultural day

Once every year on the date of our incorporation, we organise a cultural day where all our people dress up in different cultural attires to work. Work ends at 12 noon and we gather together to eat lunch from different cultures after which we gather to interact and learn about a selected culture, its beautiful people and their traditions.



No. 46, Alaafin Avenue, Zion House, Oluyole Industrial estate, Ibadan.



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