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Bexl Capital Limited operates a Non- Custodial Digital Asset Management service focused on delivering attractive performance and client digital asset portfolio solutions. We focus on exploiting the various market micro and macro trends in the digital asset space by using an unparalleled fusion of technical and fundamental methods of investing coupled with an event driven focus that seeks to deploy capital in the best risk adjusted digital asset investment opportunities.

At Bexl Capital we challenge the normative system of investments established by the traditional financial sector. We believe that with investments, better can be done and through the blockchain innovations in the financial space, we have sought out and are consistently seeking out the best possible ways to do better and outperform ourselves.

Our culture of intellectual curiosity compels us to challenge the status quo, disrupt long-held beliefs and uncover new insights.

It is established that with asset management, profitability is very important. However, capital “value” preservation and security is PARAMOUNT.

At BEXL CAPITAL, our priority remains the preservation of the capital value of your digital assets while we thrive and excel in ensuring profitability for our clients and partners.


Mission, Vision & Culture

Bexl Capital asset management division deals with the financial markets and focuses particularly on Digital Asset classes globally and will mostly take a leading role in event driven situations to create value or manage risks.


Our vision is to improve the literacy of our partners and the people around as it relates to the Blockchain technology and digital assets by exposing them to new concepts and ideas that are money makers. We aim to contribute to a world where the blockchain technology is exploited for good and utilised in making lives better.


Our mission is to explore and leverage all the profitable possibilities in the blockchain and digital asset space to make life better for the people around us. Our people are devoted to conducting in-depth researching within the space and leveraging the knowledge in creating systems that properly utilize this technology in improving lives.


The Team culture emphasizes integrity, honesty, transparency, kindness, inclusiveness, thoroughness, hard work, creativity and tenacity. We treat others not necessarily how they would treat us, but “how we would like to be treated”. In addition, the team’s culture is based on a commitment to a collegial environment, global teamwork and the highest ethical standard.

Why Innovative Investors Partner With BEXL CAPITAL



Your money remains in your hands. Partners are in possession of their digital assets and Bexl Capital only directs the investments of those assets.



Partners can monitor the activities on the account through automated email notifications and equally receive quarterly detailed statements on the progress of the account just like with their regular bank accounts.



We explore profitability in digital assets beyond trading and basic investing by exposing our partners to other profitable segments of the digital asset space such as staking, liquidity pools, loans etc.

Financial Education

What is Money?

Money, one of the most significant inventions of mankind, is the wheel that keeps the majority of our systems running. Money is an innovation of mankind and as such, it did not always exist.

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Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance

Finance is defined as the management of money, and it includes activities such as investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, and saving. Finance originates from the French word "Finer," which means "to end" and "to pay".

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Digital Assets

Learn about some of the assets we invest in.

Storj Coin

Would you store your data with a cloud storage provider that crowdsources its storage infrastructure but promises fast, secure service at extremely low prices? STORJ startup provides for decentralized cloud storage by renting excess storage capacity from individuals and companies that have enough space to give.

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An Introduction to Digital Assets

When the term digital assets were first used, they were used to refer to items like videos, images, and audio. However digital assets are taking on a whole new form with the emergence of blockchain technology, and this new class of digital assets is popularly known as crypto assets.

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Introduction To KAVA

Kava is a decentralized finance (Defi) platform that allows users to issue loans to themselves using their cryptocurrency as collateral. Kava is a decentralized lending platform that seeks to bring new flexibility to the Defi space.

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