Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired universe where you can buy, take care of, breed, and trade digital monsters called “Axies.” Among GameFi projects, Axie Infinity has the most expensive collection of NFTs, mainly due to the size of its community. It is also the highest-ranked GameFi project by market cap. Axie Infinity operates a pay to play model and allows player earn through tokens known as SLPs and sales from NFTs.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a DeFi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital items. In this game, players join an alien universe consisting of several planets where they must fight for scarce resources and mine the game’s native cryptocurrency, trillium (TLM). Players can also battle each other, go on quests and earn additional income by renting out their land to others. It operates a free to play model.

Lost Relics

Lost Relics is a Role-Playing Game (RPG). It is suitable for hardcore action and adventure-loving gamers. It’s a hack-and-slash type of game where players can go monster hunting. Each successful kill earns you a drop ranging from weapons to accessories which are nfts. In this game, you can fight monsters, complete quests, invade dungeons, as well as collect the rarest loot.

The Sandbox

The Sandboxis a virtual world built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experience. Within the sandbox metaverse, lands are pieces of digital real estate that players can buy to create experiences. Players can populate their land with in-game assets to create unique gaming experiences and monetize these experiences for other players in the game. It’s important to know that each land is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, this makes them capable of ownership and also tradeable.


Illuvium is an Ethereum-backed auto battler game where players can wander into dangerous places to hunt and capture NFT beasts, known as “the Illuvials', to battle in the arenas or sell them in the marketplace for profits. The game combines traditional RPG collection games, fight mechanics of the Auto Battler genre, and vast landscapes seen in open-world games. Illuvium provides players with an immersive gameplay experience, and it is easy to play for players of any age.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an MMO set in the year 2620. The universe has been colonized and balkanized. Three factions split control, while somewhere in the deepest, most dangerous sector of space, something extremely valuable lurks. Although that sounds like many games already out there, there’s a key difference: Star Atlas is powered by blockchain technology, which means that in line with the spirit of GameFi the players truly own the stuff they win or buy in the game. Players can earn in-game currency ATLAS and POLIS, buy anything from ships to space stations to land, and go on missions.

Playable Games

Axie Infinity

My Neighbor Alice

Alien Worlds

The Sandbox

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Star Atlas


Lite Nite

Lost Relics

Six Dragons





Future Games

Space Misfits

God's Unchained


Plant vs Undead

9 Lives Arena

Battle Riders

Ember Sword

Neon District

Blankos Block Party

Age of Rust



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